Are You Born With It? - Daily Dose with Dr. Lazar

Does gratitude come naturally to you or is it something you have to 'practice'?  By practice, I mean like piano or Taekwon-Do or yoga.  We aren't naturally good at piano, for instance.  So we have to practice.  


When I'm in a rut, or frustrated, or disillusioned, or things aren't going my way, one of the fastest ways out of that is for me to look for and intentionally find things for which I'm grateful.  Because being proactive is a best practice, it's a great idea to journal in the morning and evening.  Ask yourself, "What are three things I'm grateful for right now?"  Be sure to pick things that are everyday life things.  Don't look for only extraordinary things.  The wind blowing, or the sun shining, or a smile from someone are plenty to be grateful for.  

Do you have to practice gratitude or does it come naturally to you?  Do you do it regularly or wait until life isn't meeting your expectations and use gratitude as an intervention to frustration?  Either way, what would life look like if you increased the amount of gratitude you practiced every day?  Do you think it would change your reality?  Are you willing to try it as a 30-day experiment? Don't worry about taking it on forever, but trying it as an experiment can let you know whether this is a good next fit for you.  I'd love to hear from you!